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Aviation Consulting & Fleet Management

Our Experience

A deep technical expertise across asset classes, configurations, operations and maintenance requirements, ensures that all our asset managers hold a fundamental appreciation for what is important to our clients; protecting residual value and providing technical oversight throughout the lease term.

Key to investment value and financial risk mitigation is a sound technical understanding of the decisions through both the asset lifecycle and market driven events.

Key Product Offering

The Asset Manager product provides clients with an integrated asset management team and a robust compliance monitoring capability, to ensure residual value is protected under the obligations of the lease, throughout the term.

Asset Management: À propos

Contract Management

  • Compliance monitoring program

  • Lease negotiation and amendment

  • Claim review and management

  • Rental invoicing and payment management

  • MR negotiation, escalation and reconciliation

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Documentation management and review

Technical Oversight

  • BFE management

  • Condition monitoring & utilization reporting

  • Maintenance condition analysis

  • Audit and inspection program

  • Shop visit management

  • Maintenance work scope review

  • Maintenance program monitoring

  • Special projects

Asset Management: Liste
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