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Aviation Consulting & Fleet Management

Our Experience

The Engine Services team in Aerotech has over 100 years of collective experience across a wide range of engine types, bringing MRO, airline, leasing and OEM backgrounds to our service offering.
Our Engine Manager product is built upon the Aerotech Value System, the result of over 15 years of industry expertise and investment into systems, processes and tools supporting the aviation sector.

Key Product Offering

The Engine Manager product provides asset owners and operators with salient technical information on-demand, by experienced aviation specialists.
The Engine Services team provide individual and fleet-wide asset management, technical advisory, marketing, asset monitoring and event management support, ensuring asset value is protected through on-lease technical oversight.

Engine Management: À propos

Commercial Management

  • Source, trading and remarketing

  • Market analysis and lease appraisal

  • Component sourcing

  • Flight hour agreement negotiation

  • Maintenance cost optimization

  • End-of-Lease compensation review

  • Divestment strategy (part-out or sale)

Technical Advisory

  • Project management

  • Tabletop report

  • Engine documentation management

  • Transition management (inc. return conditions)

  • Physical inspection

  • LLP Back-to-birth traceability

  • Borescope & MPA oversight

  • Work scope review

  • LRU / QEC inventory audit

  • Event management

Engine Management: Liste
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