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The Aerotech Tool Kit is the practical collection of financial, operational and analytical tools developed to support our full service lease operating platform.  

The Tool Kit allows both Aerotech and our customers to navigate asset lifecycle risk and protect investment value.  

Our approach is built upon the Aerotech Value System and is centered around the residual value of the asset, the ability to redefine the investment strategy as the market cycle develops and remarket the aircraft along its life, and to maximize return for the aviation finance community.



Aerotech's core expertise and experience lies in the ability to finance, asset manage and transition aircraft, and we work with  leading aircraft lessors and airlines to help achieve their operational and strategic objectives.

Our business has grown over time and evolved the core processes and procedures necessary to support the full range of operating lease activities.

Our processes have been designed from the ground up to assess opportunities and goals, develop a framework for managing change, build technical and commercial leadership and increase participation and membership within the aviation finance community.

Our market analytics and knowledge base combine the raw data of our project and operating lease experience to better manage risk and maximize opportunity for any asset type.



By adopting a full asset lifecycle approach, we have developed key management tools that provide real-time financial, analytical, operational and project management support solutions.

These are:

  • Lease Manager

  • Asset Manager

  • Engine Manager

  • Transition Manager

Each management tool is designed to be a stand-alone offering or integrated together to provide a full-service package supporting complex projects and transactions.

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Aerotech provides full-service operating lease support to financiers, airlines, lessors and investors across its global network.

With office in Saint-Louis, our route network and Tool Kit allows us to provide dedicated remote and local support in West Africa. Aerotech uses progressive, integrated web-based technologies to deliver integrated real-time solutions.

The Tool Kit
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